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Home » European Parliament event “Understanding Cancer: A Flagship of the European Union” 12th May in Strasbourg

European Parliament event “Understanding Cancer: A Flagship of the European Union” 12th May in Strasbourg

On July 12th another milestone was achieved for the initiative. The ExCom members met with policymakers during the European Parliament event “Understanding Cancer: A Flagship of the European Union”, co-hosted by Tomislav Sokol MEP and Dolors Montserrat MEP in Strasbourg.

The meeting  was organized by the European Cancer Patient Coalition team with the following objectives:

Inform the Members of the European Parliament, policymakers and stakeholders regarding (one of the ten flagships of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and one of the 13 recommendations of the Cancer Mission).

Explore the challenges for creating a European Cancer Research Data Hub that accelerates high-quality cancer research across Europe and connects National Cancer Research Data Hubs (NCRDH) from Member States.

Design an ambitious research agenda and funding mechanisms that effectively support the European scientific community in addressing the greatest challenges in cancer research through supranational collaboration, inclusivity, and equity.

Discuss how the outcomes of may generate a new level of knowledge and scientific breakthroughs that will catalyze new strategies in cancer prevention and early diagnosis, cancer treatment and survivorship, pediatric cancers and cancers of the elderly, and shape policymaking in cancer research across Member States.

As the blueprint of is scheduled to be presented to the European Commission in November 2023, the support of MEPs becomes of crucial importance in ensuring the successful implementation of this significant EU initiative at the National level. To facilitate this process, an informative document has been prepared, outlining what represents – The Goal, The Need, and The Way, while including a request for a commitment from policymakers for the 2024-2029 legislature. You can find the document here.

Please find attached the agenda.

For more information or if you would like to support the document and this initiative, please contact:

This is the recording of the session:


Here you can find some of the pictures: