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Tackling inequalities in cancer research

Tackling inequalities in cancer research across Europe

The issue of inequality has gained increasing importance in the public and political agenda. Through a collaboration with Member States (MS) and stakeholders at regional, national and EU level, will address inequalities in cancer research and boost the potential of less-developed regions.

Collecting data from every volunteer cancer centre will be part of these mechanisms that will ultimately contribute to reduce differential access to high-level cancer care across EU regions.

General objective

To identify mechanisms that may boost cancer research and innovation potential in lower income regions across Europe while promoting technology transfer and interaction with private companies.

Specific objectives

Benchmark existing research infrastructures and networks across Europe and develop mechanisms to increase the research and innovation potential of less developed regions

Assess twinning opportunities between most and less developed regions and make recommendations on setting up a framework for twinning programs

Identify opportunities for technology transfer and industry collaborations with a special focus on regional gaps to boost innovation and research potential across Europe