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Home » “1st Face-to-Face UNCAN. eu Consensus Workshop” 29th-30th March in Barcelona

“1st Face-to-Face UNCAN. eu Consensus Workshop” 29th-30th March in Barcelona

On 29-30 March 2023, the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) and the Spanish Biomedical Cancer Research Network (CIBER-ONC) organised and hosted in Barcelona the 1st of the two scheduled Face-to-Face Consensus Workshops.

These consensus exercises aim to discuss the inputs from more than 300 experts representing most European countries in the areas of prevention, early diagnosis, sensitivity & resistance to therapy, pediatric cancer, cancer & ageing, and survivorship and ultimately identify those research topics that must be addressed at a supranational level. The Barcelona workshop was dedicated to the areas of ‘cancer prevention’, ‘early diagnosis’, and ‘sensitivity & resistance to therapy’, and the remaining three areas will be covered during a second workshop in Rome

During the 1.5-day event that took place in Barcelona, more than 100 experts participated in a series of breakout sessions and roundtable discussions where they shared their perspectives on the three research areas and debated about transversal aspects, such as funding mechanisms innovation, patient engagement & data management.

More information on the analysis of the notes taken from the different scientific sessions and roundtable discussions is coming soon.

Take a look at the agenda here.