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French National Cancer Institute (INCa)

Institut Nationaldu Cancer

The French National Cancer Institute is a national agency for health and scientific expertise in oncology established by the Public Health Act of 9th August 2004 and reports to the Ministries of Health and of Research.

Our mandate encompasses all activity areas in the cancer control chain, from research to prevention and screening, to the organisation of cancer care and information for patients and their relatives.

Our missions

  • To lead the implementation of NCCPs (and new Strategy)
  • To spur innovation by financing high quality scientific and medical projects
  • To produce evidence-based guidelines for decision-makers & professionals
  • To coordinate cancer control activities and actions at the national & regional level
  • To gather and to analyse data in order to improve actions
  • To disseminate knowledge

Presented by the French President on 4TH February 2021, the ten-year cancer-control strategy show a clear and common aim to improve healthcare and benefits for all citizens affected by cancers. It incorporates all aspects of cancer care-primary prevention and screening, support for those affected by the disease in their care and life pathways- and involves all stakeholders in cancer control, health and research.

The involvement of INCa in the project 4.

Within this project, INCa is more specifically involved in workpackage 3 dedicated to the mapping of research infrastructures and European initiatives to establish the roadmap for a federated European cancer research data center. The purpose of this European center is to ensure the interoperability and reuse of data. It is the DOSE Directorate that is involved in this WP.

The Institute will also participate in WP 5 whose objective is to set the framework for the operation of the platform. More particularly, INCa will lead the task on the link between the governance and logistic support of and the cancer plans of the Member States and other European initiatives.

Biographies of team members

Philippe Jean-Bousquet

Philippe Jean Bousquet is a Doctor (MD) specialized in Public Health with a university thesis in epidemiology and biostatistics and an accreditation to supervise research. After spending a year as a researcher at Imperial College in London, he worked as a methodologist at the Montpellier-Nîmes university hospital centers. He became a member of the Persons’ Protection Committee (CPP), an expertise completed by becoming a member of the Committee for the Evaluation of Research, Studies and Health Assessments (Cerees).

After he joined the INCa in 2010, he developped the topics relating to the observation, health information systems and evaluation. He perfected his knowledge in data science (Polytechnic Executive School). He initiated the Oncology Data Platform, reinforced partnerships with the main contributors and was at the initiative of the “Filiaire intelligence artificielle et cancer”. He took the responsibility regarding the issue of insurability (member of the Aeras commissions).

Thom­as Dubois

He holds a PhD from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS). He conducted his thesis as a young researcher at the National Institute of Demographic Studies (INED) on the issues of development economics. He then served as political advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in charge of monitoring France’s international development policy in the field of reproductive, maternal and child health. He was then appointed diplomatic advisor to the Minister of Health and Social Affairs.