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Childhood Cancer International Europe (CCI Europe)

Childhood Cancer International Europe (CCI Europe)

The Vision of CCI Europe is to cure children and adolescents with childhood cancer with no- or as few as possible long-term health problems and late-effects.

To reach its vision, CCI Europe is working in close collaboration with the medical and psychosocial professionals, academia, scientists, the civil society and private organisations all over Europe.

Biographies of team members

Patricia Blanc

Patricia Blanc is founder and president of Imagine for Margo-Children without cancer, French charity, created after her daughter, Margo, died in 2010, from a brain tumor.

Imagine for Margo is raising funds to support the development of innovative therapies for children with cancer. Patricia Blanc is also very active in advocacy efforts towards French and European politicians, regulators and pharmaceutical industry to make laws and research more adapted to better treatments for children with cancer.

Patricia Blanc is a member of numerous working groups to accelerate research, notably within the European platform ACCELERATE, the European federation of parents organisations Childhood Cancer International Europe, or the European network of researchers ITCC.

Anita Kienesberger

Anita Kienesberger is the Chair of CCI Europe Committee. Through her past role as Board Member of Childhood Cancer International (2003 – 2014), she put international collaboration high on the national as well as on the European agenda.

Mrs. Kienesberger was also a CEO of the Austrian Childhood Cancer Organisation for 20 years. By training, Mrs Kienesberger is a paediatric nurse with specialisation in oncological diseases. She was Head of the Intensive Care Unit at the St. Anna Children ́s Hospital in Vienna, Austria for over 10 years. Through her past experiences, she developed a multi-disciplinary approach to childhood cancer care.

Anita holds a master’s degree in international Gender Studies and Feministic Politics.

Sara Badreh

Sara Badreh is a biochemist who spent four years at the Karolinska Institute conducting research in the field of immunology. She has worked more than 12 years in Advocacy and moved to Brussels in 2020 to work with research and health policy. Recently she moved back to Sweden after a period of working as a management consultant for pharmaceutical companies that need guidance when involved in EU projects and is now working as a Senior Project Manager in her own consultancy company, helping organisations leading multi-stakeholder projects at EU level.