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The “Morning Healthcare” newsletter from POLITICO has highlighted in its “DRIVING THE DAY” section. This was in relation to an independent report for the European Commission that has just been released on July 19, 2023 . The report informs that the Horizon Europe mission aimed at improving the lives of over 3 million cancer patients by 2030 is progressing well and remains on track, despite being less than two years into its five-year duration.

The report of the Beating Cancer Plan and the Cancer Mission shows their positive impact on uniting EU countries in integrating research, innovation, and health policies. They have led to the development of a single portal for cancer research ( and shaped the updated Council Recommendation on cancer screening. The report emphasizes the need to adopt this integrated approach to encourage discussions on cancer prevention and control through National Cancer Mission Hubs. However, improvements in governance, coordination, and private sector investments are necessary, along with active citizen engagement. The European Commission proposes increased funding for EU missions, and the first five missions launched in September 2021 focus on various critical challenges, including cancer, climate, and sustainability.

You can read the full EC report here.