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EOSC4Cancer: Establishing the EOSC4Cancer Network of Experts

In the context of the WP5 “Training and capacity building for key national and international stakeholders”, a key activity is to unlock the expertise in handling cancer-related data both within and outside of the EOSC4Cancer consortium and bundle this in such a way that all researchers that are in need of training and support will be able to receive it.

To this end, WP5 aims to bring together a network of key cancer data support professionals, coming from within the respective RIs, relevant national initiatives, and competency centers.

As a first step, a 1-hour webinar is scheduled to be held on Monday, June 19th from 12:00 to 13:00 CEST. During this webinar, discussions will take place with all relevant stakeholders, both within the EOSC4Cancer project (including representatives of all EOSC4Cancer partners across all WPs) and beyond. Notably, the Cancer Landscape Partnering Group and the Stakeholder Forum will be actively involved in the discussions;

  • A short overview of WP5 which aims to ensure that biomedical researchers and healthcare professionals will have the knowledge and skills on how to best address their scientific questions and challenges by using the tools and infrastructure towards accelerating and optimising their research.
  • Foreseen scope and membership of the network, including the potential activities envisioned throughout the lifecycle of EOSC4Cancer and beyond.
  • Discuss ways of contributing to the network, aligned with your ongoing activities within EOSC4Cancer.

As it is really important to ensure that all stakeholders attend this kick-off webinar, in order to maintain a cohesive engagement strategy across the wider EOSC4Cancer ecosystem you are strongly encouraged to register for the webinar using the following link.